Child Custody

child1The most important and emotional aspect of many divorces is the creation of a parenting plan for the care and residential schedule of the child or children of the marriage. Securing the stability and support of children whose parents are involved in matrimonial or paternity disputes requires both skill and compassion. Mark is experienced at resolving child-related issues efficiently keeping both the children’s and the client’s best interests at the forefront.

To create a parenting plan a court will look at many aspects of the marriage including the history of the parenting of the children during the marriage, the age and emotional state of the children and the best interests of the children. To get the best outcome it is important to discuss all aspects of child custody with an experienced family law lawyer such as Mark.

As a parent, it is important to shield your children from the potential conflict that may arise between you and your spouse. Cooperation and being able to come to agreements regarding the parenting of your children benefits both the children and the parents. It is recognized though that this cannot always be accomplished. You should always protect your children from being placed in the middle of the divorce proceeding. Kitsap County requires that you attend a half day parenting seminar to learn about the potential harm that can be caused to children by a divorce proceeding. You are required to take this seminar prior to the entry of a parenting plan.