Practice Areas

Mark’s practice focuses primarily on family law related matters both pre-and post-divorce. For a more complete description of practice areas please go to the Areas of Practice section above.

Divorce is the commonly used term which describes the end of the marriage. This involves both property and child related matters including the development of parenting plans and child support. The establishment of spousal maintenance also needs to be considered. A legal separation is similar to a divorce but the parties remain married at its conclusion. Washington also has what is known as a Committed Intimate Relationship which is a long-term marital like relationship where the parties never married but the property acquired during the relationship will be divided.

The creation of a parenting plan in either a marriage or in a paternity dispute is often the most emotionally charged aspect of any case. Both the support and establishment of security for the children in the residential plan requires your attorney to exhibit skill and compassion.

Both parents owe a duty of support to their children. While the legislature has determined a schedule and the amount of child support based on the combined monthly net income of the parties, the facts of each case must be carefully analyzed to determine what the appropriate amount of child support should be. A cookie cutter approach to child support should be avoided.

There are many diverse and complex aspects to family law that need to be completely and fully explored from complex property divisions and the resulting tax implications to the preparation of a parenting plan which provides for both the children and the parents. It is important that the attorney that you retain is experienced in all aspects of this area of the law. You can be assured that Mark is that type of attorney.